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  • Abis d.o.o.

Maslovare bb
78223 Maslovare
Republika Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 51 760 011
Email: info@abisrs.biz

About us

Abis was the first sawmill from which the present Fagus Group started developing back in 1991. Continuing the family tradition of wood processing in a corporate form, Abis has had a great significance within the Fagus Group. The first and basic business activity of the then Fagus reflected in the exploitation and processing of fir and spruce roundwood as well as sale of sawn timber on the domestic and Western Europe markets. Growth and development of Fagus reflected in permanent development of human potentials, technological equipment, production capacities and increase of social responsibility.

After differentiation and making the Fagus business units independent in the end of 2007, the sawmill in Maslovarecontinued its operation as a limited liability company. This is how Abis became a member of the Fagus Group. Although the sawmill started with work with only several employees and modest technology, today, Abis is proud to have about 30 employees, modern technological equipment and huge wood sawing capacity.

Abis mainly works for well-known customers and long-term business associates, with a bigger share of foreign customers from Austria, Germany and Italy and a smaller share of domestic customers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, we have a valid FSC™ (FSC-C109944) Certificate.

Abis is a part of the Fagus Grupe

The company was founded by the decision of the brothers Malijević in July 1991 in Kotor Varoš, with a desire to continue the tradition of wood processing started in the 1920s by their father and grandfather. In the 25 years of its existence, Fagus started from a small sawmill, employing several employees, and founded 8 member companies of the Fagus Group, with more than 400 employees.

Today, the Fagus Group is a large business giant, a locomotor of development in the region and one of the largest producers in the wood processing sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout many years of growth and development, our great support and driving force were precisely our customers, consumers and business partners, whose we justify with high quality and affordable prices.


Abis Management
ABIS is organised into smaller organisational units, by the work they perform:
  • Management (managing and administrative activities);
  • Sawmill organisational unit Maslovare (roundwood sawing), wood drying facilities (of 150m3 capacity per round)
  • Laminated window scantling production organisational unit Banja Luka
  • Warehouse of sawn timber Banja Luka
  • Spedition Maslovare