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Laminated window scantling


The product we are the proudest of is laminated window scantling, which is made of lamellas. When cutting lamellas, spots on wood elements are laser-detected by an error inspector. Detected errors are cut out of lamellas, thereby rejecting all the irregularities found. Short spotless pieces are finger-jointed together lengthwise, after which they are sanded and pressed into 3-layer blocks. By producing laminated window scantling, we prove that the natural anomalies of materials, such as in wood, can be avoided, practically obtaining spotless wood. Such results can be achieved only by those who do their job well and for a long time, considering and reconsidering each step in the procedure, thus optimising the whole production process. Laminated window scantlingis produced from spruce, fir and pine.

Laminated window scantling produced in such a way is then used in the production of windows and doors made of lamellated wood. The very structure of laminated window scantling, obtained by a combined joining of radial and semi-radial wood structures, provides stability and resistance against deformations and cracks to windows and doors. This is why wood, as the material for production of windows and doors, is the most resistant and most functional material, which enables the entire living space to breath and reflect elegance and sophistication. This is why we say wood comes first, as everything else starts from it and ends with it. Its presence in construction and architecture will never disappear or be replaced.

PRICELIST – Laminated window scantlings (.PDF)